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In 2011, Funky Fish, a global fashion accessories brand with 130 stores worldwide, initiated a rebranding journey led by "Baruch Nae-Strategic Design" studio. As the Director of Design, I played a pivotal role in transforming the company's identity.

The "Funky 5" concept emerged, representing five distinct girl identities, each embodying a unique fashion style influenced by culture, personal loves, and lifestyle. This concept streamlined the shopping experience, dividing collections into five figures, making it easy for customers to connect with their preferred style.

Our approach resulted in collections functioning as a versatile "toolbox" for defining individual looks while staying in tune with fashion trends.

The comprehensive rebranding touched every aspect of client communication, from packaging and in-store experiences to the website and social networks. Starting with the product design process, the transformation cascaded across production and communication, marked by trendy campaigns each season.

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