Funky fish is a fashion accessories brand ,it has 130 stores worldwide. In 2011 started a process of re-branding in the studio of "Baruch nae-strategic design", internal change process continued when I joined the team as Director of Funky Fish company's design.I have worked on making a gradual change in all the parameters related to identify of the company,begining whis a brand book with guidance regarding the new concept of the company, personality tools, point of sales, and every each part regarding the identity and communication.


The concept chosen to lead the brand is funky 5,

5 identities of  girls , each represents a distinct style in the fashion and has a rich world of cultural influences, loves and a way of life that affect the collection it represents.

When a girl enters a funkyfish store she sees a clear division into five figures divides by Product Tabs different in colors , and she can easily feel related to at least one of the figures in terms of personal style.

We have created collections which became "a tool box" that creates the look and identity , standing in line with fashion and trends .


The Re -branding process has reflected every field of communication with the client , packageing , stores , website , social networks ,but began in the product design process, it moved an enormous change in the way collection have been created,and continued in all the aspects of production and communication, whith trendy campaigns every season.