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funky fish 
catalouge design
Art Direction | Graphic Design 

Funky fish's Urban Chic Accessories Catalog, where style meets individuality in a captivating fusion of colors and designs. This visually stunning catalogue is a testament to our commitment to uniqueness, featuring a palette of unic colors that pop off the pages. The design effortlessly captures the essence of urban living with catchy illustrations and showcases five distinct fashion personalities, each bringing their flair to life. From the trendsetter to the minimalist, the rebel to the classicist, our catalogue introduces you to a diverse range of styles that resonate with the city's energy. The inclusion of a "fashion toolbox" provides a curated selection of accessories, allowing you to effortlessly elevate your style. Immerse yourself in this fashion journey, where every accessory tells a story, and your individuality shines through in every detail.

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