IL MAKIAGE branding was designed by me as part of my work as a senior designer at "OPEN" studio . The strategic concept of branding is " inspiration lab ." the graphical languaged is formed by adding the two variables in the equation , KNOWLEDGE  comes from: information , experience , technique , quality of materials and training , and ISPIRATION is take n across the visual composed of experiences , sound , aromas , and textures . The combination creates a prestigious language , and clean . The logo 's design was influenced by the language lab \ pharmacy , structured distribution characterized Information changes. 


The packaging have been designed that distinguishes product categories by color , yet creates differentiation within the category itself by using different color splash , and how it facilitates the orientation and search among products . Marketing materials were designed to leverage the concept and packaging various formats . Each extender design talks about the combination of science and inspiration . Followed by the new brand concept, we launched a campaign, based on the new visual point of view of the brand . Further I continued working with the company as a freelancer, designing more campaigns and more packaging concepts , for the premium series .