and what mood we woke up this morning The idea led to the design of the collection is the variability of the material by the impact of the consumer.


can be drawn, write, tear, perforate, crease and any other option to be considered in the contagion of social Stickers to tearing of clothing as to expose a little more fancy. In ORIGA shopping experience is different, The consumer buy a sheet of paper on which is embedded in the sector, tear it according to the marks and fold instructions garment similar to the fold Aorigmi.kniit reduces the cost issue much allowing a person to buy clothes every day according to his mood, leaving it with existing print or the minister to intervene and express. all is made out of recycled paper.This concept has a unick packagings idea and is followed by a fashion campaign.





ORIGA it my final project at Bezalel, was designed in 2005. The project was a great success and was shown in several exhibitions in Israel and abroad, and also won the RED DOT DESIGN AWARDS that same year. The  title of "BEST OF THE BEST" Consequently, Win great interest worldwide. as the best concept design in fashion. ORIGA is disposable fashion brand. The collection consists entirely of paper and just because it is a temporary, non-binding and open to change. We are a generation of people looking for diversity in all areas of life, especially in the personal, the way we choose to dress is the first screen that we present to the world. We choose what we want to transmit, which group we want to belong to, and what mood we woke up this