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Welcome to HOLISTIC –

A Multidisciplinary Design Studio

HOLISTIC is a studio that believes that the most compelling creative works emerge from the seamless integration of focus, commitment, and trust. As a specialized studio, Holistic is dedicated to crafting a comprehensive brand experience through  expertise in branding, graphic design, web design, UI, and UX.

HOLISTIC's forte lies in branding, packaging, and website design in all print and digital platforms.

It is committed to providing functional graphic solutions that intricately weave together concept and form, ensuring an effective and contemporary communication strategy for various companies, brands, or projects.

HOLISTIC is a creative powerhouse that excels in creating holistic brand experiences.

Its mission is to foster meaningful relationships between brands and their customers by designing compelling narratives that resonate on a personal level. 

At HOLISTIC, it is understood that each brand is unique. It should have a tailored approach to meet the individual needs and aspirations of its clients. Whether it's developing a captivating visual identity, creating eye-catching packaging, or designing an intuitive and engaging digital experience, it is dedicated professionals  and committed to bringing your vision to life.

Brand is a story, let us tell yours.

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Revital Kedmi
Founder & Head Designer

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Revital Kedmi is the founder and head designer at HOLISTIC. Revital is known for her profound impact in the local design and branding industry. She holds a B.des in Visual Communication and a Master's Degree in Design Management from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.

Starting as a Graphic Designer at Adler Brands, she quickly advanced to pivotal roles, including Art Director at Open - Total Brand Experience and Head Graphic Designer at Baruch Naeh Strategic Design.
Her tenure as Brand Design Manager at Funky Fish Ltd. underscored her ability to revitalize brand identities and lead creative teams to international success. This experience set the stage for her freelance work, where she further honed her skills in brand strategy and visual identity. In 2015, she founded HOLISTIC, provideing services spanning branding, digital solutions, and art direction.

​Revital's design excellence is recognized by prestigious awards, including the 2022 Israel Brand Award and the 2005 Red Dot Design Award. Her education at Bezalel Academy and certification as a UI-UX Expert from Netcraft showcase her commitment to integrating strategic design thinking with user-centric solutions.


- 2022

-שקוף-לוגו תחרות  (1).png


Silver Award For Best Branding for

"Mycospring - Revitalizing Mushrooms"

- 2005

red dot logo-white copy.png


Best of the best concept design in fashion

"Origa - Papercut clothing"

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